The Orpheum Grand Re-Opening

Artist Spotlight: Claudia Chinyere Akole

Artist Spotlight: Sam McEwen

Artist Spotlight: Karen Beilharz

Artist Spotlight: Pat Grant

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The comics industry straight up REFUSED to give us a quiet week over Christmas and we struggled to get through all the new releases! Plus: Find out the horror we had to endure over Christmas AND a fir...

Everyone else in the world is winding things down for holidays but comic books didn't get the memo. Join Levins and Siobhan as they review more than 30 new issues, including at least two Christmas spe...

Another week of comic reviews, including first issues and regular titles from Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse and more!

Serious Issues is a weekly comic book review podcast, hosted by Andrew Levins and...

It's a rare fifth week - the weird bonus week that only occurs every other month, which means we get to review a bunch of annuals and zero issues!

Serious Issues is a weekly comic book review podcast...

All of last week's comics read and reviewed AND we announce two very cool things!

1. Our first ever live episode is happening on December 15 in Sydney, details here:

As they do every week, Levins and Siobhan kick off the show with 'First Things First', the beloved segment in which they review all of last week's new number ones. But then, out of nowhere, they launc...

Stuck in Melbourne and far away from Siobhan, Levins is forced to record this week's episode with one of the hosts of an infinitely more popular podcast than Serious Issues: Nick Mason from The Weekly...

Another ridiculously big week with a new stack of number ones and new issues of some of our favourite regular comics! Levins and Siobhan finally disagree with each other on some comics this week - it'...

This week features more number one issues, crossover comics, superhero deaths and cartoon porn than any previous episode! We review the first issues of Death of X, Moonshine, Archie Meets Ramones, Big...

Levins and Siobhan are reunited, and 40 new issues of comics came along for the party too. We review the number one issues of Josie and the Pussycats, Teen Titans, Surgeon X and more - plus new issues...

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