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Wonderland #45

Wonderland #45


Writer: Erica J. Heflin

Artwork: Ferran Sellares

Colours: Leonardo Paciarotti

People are going missing in New Orleans and Calie Liddle has figured that they match the March Hare's pattern. After finding the most recent victim's partner, Calie, Violet and Cheshire are in a race against time to try to figure out what the March Hare wants and to track down the most recent victim. Questions about the March Hare's true intentions are answered in this issue.

Visually, this comic is pretty solid. It's not something that will have you gushing at the beauty of each page, but the style has me appreciating the imagery, rather than letting my eyes wander just enough to get a gist of the story. Ferran Sellares has a good eye for characters, making them each unique in their own right. To add to this, Leonardo Paciarotti has coloured in a way that works fantastically with Ferran's art, with the colours reminding me ever so slightly of the watercolours I used to love as a kid.

Erica J. Heflin has sucked me right in pretty much immediately, which is something that is difficult to do. This is the first issue of Wonderland that I've read and I can promise you that due to Erica's writing, it won't be the last. This issue allowed you to get to know the characters without the awkward introductions, which is something that as a first-time reader, I found valuable. Erica also managed to make the issue feel like it could be enjoyed as part of a larger story, or as a single issue. For me, that's a sign of solid storytelling.

It's a definite Buy, as far as I'm concerned.

-Phillip Martin

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