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Batman / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1-#4

Batman / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

IDW/DC Comics

Written by James Tynion IV

Art by Freddie E. Williams II

Colored by Jeremy Colwell

Cover by Freddie E. Williams II

Oh My Goodness, this in the words of Michelangelo

"This is a Totally Awesome Team up" Just reading this title has me all a jitter. I mean Batman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles together in one book of Awesome and you even get Ninja Turtles creator Kevin Eastman drawn variant covers.

This story has the turtles in Gotham City, how did they get there, well you will have to pick up this bodacious book and give it a good long going over. Suffice to say that with things like Killer Croc, Scarecrow, the Joker and let's not forget the latest big bad Mr Bloom getting around Gotham, when four turtles that can kick the crap out of people show up Bats is bound to think them bad.

Therefore we will definitely see a Turtles on Bat throw down. Who wins, again pick up this cool book, I mean it's Batman and the Ninja Turtles. If that's not enough for you how about a throw down between Batman and Splinter, or The Turtles and Killer Croc or maybe you want to see Shredder and Batman throw down. If it's bad guys you prefer how about a team up between Shredder and Penguin. Oh My Goodness, there is just a plethora of Awesome.

Writer James Tynion VI's (Batman Eternal, Talon) story flows along at a nice pace showcasing his intimacy with the Batman mythology and Freddie E Williams II (Aquaman, The Flash) art work is reminded me a lot of Eastman's TMNT stuff. The dark colors and great use of greys, greens and blacks by colourer Jeremy Colwell (Powerpuff girls, Super Angry Birds) gives it, what I think is, a nostalgic look for both Batman and TMNT.

It's only going to be 6 issues but it looks to be full of badassery and I am sure it will sell out everywhere.

With so much radical and tubular crossing you really do need to order in some Pizza, sit in your bat cave and read this super spectacular story.

Oh and before I go "Cowabunga Dude".

-Chad Smith

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