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Delete #1

Delete #1

Devil’s Due/1First Comics

Writer: Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray

Artist: John Timms

Colors: David Curiel

‘If we erase our memories do we erase ourselves in the process?’

A debut sci-fi crime thriller by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray. Set in a future where memories can be implanted or removed and the police use brain scan technology for criminal investigations.

The story follows the mute 11 year old, Kalina, who witnesses the murder of her parents as they plan to blackmail a high up official with some incriminating evidence and Spencer, the mentally handicapped handyman of the building who now must protect her from the hitmen, however the hurdle of communication becomes apparent between the two, which they’ll overcome hopefully in an interesting way in future chapters.

Arriving on the crime scene are detectives Drexler and Kline, from the Federal Recall Division, as they investigate the murder and raise more questions about ‘who’ or ‘what’ Spencer really is.

Palmiotti and Gray gives us a book that draws you in instantly and doesn’t waste time with a build up that feels like it came from the pages of a Philip K Dick novel, which for me is always an instant grab.

The art by John Timms with David Curiel is fantastic with the character designs each having a distinct look and world that mirrors our current age until they show the new tech which sets it apart.

Verdict: BUY

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