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Gurren Lagaan Season 1 Bluray Review

Gurren Lagaan

Country: Japan

Year: 2007

Runtime: 986 mins

Gurren Lagaan is one of those special Anime that can be given to any person and they will be unable to not find something that they love about it. It is imagination in it's purest form and with vivid animation and screeching drill mocha battles on a war torn planet, well what is not to like?

Gurren Lagaan is about the nefarious Spiral King, who has forced mankind to live in subterranean villages that has no contact to the surface world. Two young diggers Simon, and his older brother figure, an eccentric delinquent named Kamina are destined to rise up and lead the rebellion against the spiral king with the help of a small mecha head and mysterious drill key.

This is what anime is all about. The story is creative enough that the whole world feels bigger and alive than most live action tv shows. The characters are reflections of this world buzzing and moving at a pace that if you do not keep up then you will be left behind on the enjoyment that gurney Lagann brings. Each episode brings the core characters together and not just through the usual anime tropes. GL continued to change the way the narrative through unusual means such as time jumps, Major character demises and contemplation on war between the ruling system and those who work under it. It only continues to get bigger with the ideas that it puts forward to the viewer much like the giant mechs themselves and never truly reaching limit in what it can achieve.

Gurren Lagann: Pierce the Heavens Blu-ray is the ultimate guide in Grann Lagann. It includes:

• Deluxe collector's packaging

• Collector's artbook

• Episodes 1-27

• The Movie: Childhood's End

• The Movie: The Lights In The Sky Are Stars

• Parallel Works

• Yoko goes to Gainax!

• Sanzigen 3D test video

• Animated storyboards

• Compilation episode ending

• Broadcast version of Episode 6

• Textless songs

Original Japanese voice acting is included for all episodes and films as well as dubbed english cast. Both the Japanese and English are fantastic, both capturing the characters and conveying the complex nature of development throughout the series.

The quality of the blu-ray is simply beautiful. It is crystal clear that will really make whatever high definition television pop with a great colours that saturate the war torn anime.

The two films included Childhood’s end and The Lights In The Sky Are Stars encompass the whole of the anime and then some that may be used to give an idea to others who have yet to catch the Gurren Lagann bug.

This show is gateway anime, it is for everyone. Children will find it to be a staple in their household due to the fights and the weight of the world on the heroes shoulder’s growing with each show. Adults even if they seem to have grown away from anime or at least never tried it will definitely be hooked from the get go. GL plays into the Saturday morning cartoons that most of us grew up on.

If you are wanting to get into anime or try something new out then Gurren Lagann: Pierce the Heavens Blu-ray collection is the highest recommendation an old anime fan can recommend.


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