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The Chair


The Chair (2008)

Creator: Peter Simeti Illustration: Kevin Christensen and Peter Simeti Alterna Comics

Richard Sullivan, a man out of time, has spent the last 10 years in detention for crimes he never committed. Awaiting execution, Sullivan begins to question his own sanity, as a series of twisted events raise suspicion between the cells. For Sullivan, a madman at most, time is running out quickly, but there is something much more grim awaiting his arrival, far more disturbing than death itself.

A well wrought and visually disturbing masterpiece created through the brilliant minds of Peter Simeti and Kevin Christensen, places you in the hands of a vicious and sadistic warden and into the bloodied cells of solitary confinement. From the moment you open the first page until the gripping finale, you will be begging for more. The artistic approach of this particular thriller is a lovechild of Noir and Shutter Island, Kevin Christensen’s depiction of life behind bars and the guilt alongside it. Through a series of sinister flashbacks and gruesome images, The Chair promises to both intrigue and distress its readers. In 2017, The Chair is to be released in theatres as an adaptation of the books storyline. With Peter Simeti in control of screenplay, The Chair’s mysterious cliffhanger will be brought to the big screen. BUY


The Chair is available for purchase via or on Comixology

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