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Serious Issues Ep 27.

Better late than never! Siobhan's on holiday and Levins was at the Junket un-conference, so he rounded up three awesome special guests to talk about comics with! Crammed into his hotel room, Levins reviews Batman, Archie and Seven to Eternity with Axis of Awesome frontwoman Jordan Raskopoulos, adult star and cosplayer Lucie Bee and cartoonist Eleri Mai Harris, who's also the editor of Following a brief Siobhan cameo, Levins finishes the episode by reviewing 30+ comics by himself. A must listen for anyone who's ever wanted to hear a man lose his mind while saying the word 'continuity' over and over.

Serious Issues is a weekly comic book review podcast, hosted by Andrew Levins and Siobhan Coombs at Kings Comics in Sydney.

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