Wrath of the Cursed #2 Review

January 6, 2019

Wrath of the Cursed #2 Review

Written and illustrated by Matt Kyme


Earlier in the year, audiences bid farewell to Kyme’s love letter to the Phantom
comics, as his side project ‘The Demon’ was sadly cut short. But for as long as
time continues to tick, a creative mind will continue to thrive. Shaking it off,
Kyme pushed aside criticism and found comfort in something new… ‘The Wrath
of the Cursed’.

For those who have not wrapped their fingers around the first issue, the story
maintains familiar elements that made ‘The Demon’ so popular, but this time
paying homage to traditional Japanese manga. Our review, alongside so many
others, praised Kyme’s willingness to test the water and discover unfamiliar
worlds. Issue one, despite being a breakout issue, felt familiar yet completely


Now with the release of issue two, it becomes clear how the determination and
wit of such a powerful mind can help a story thrive, capturing an audience from
its very first panel. Following on from issue one, Cole the Cursed and his son are
brought before the Supreme Leader of the Say Ton to answer the allegations
brought before them. Like many traditional Japanese stories that we have seen in
the past, expect deceit, rebellion and one or two epic sword fights.

Kyme’s previous works were brilliant, but ‘The Wrath of the Cursed’ acts as a
turning point in his career, perfecting the storytelling technique both visually
and rhetorically. Issue two makes use of space, allowing the story to breathe in a
way that the audience can actually take it all in. With such powerful motives, it’s
important to take notice of Kyme’s effective illustrations, those that resemble
iconic Asian fables. This is a man who can do anything with more than four

‘The Wrath of the Cursed’ is available now.


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