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Australian Comic Creators Supporting Local Comic Shops

It’s with great pride and joy that Jon Sommariva announces #aussies4comics.

He has put together a collective of comic book artists and illustrators from all over Australia. Their mission is to raise funds for Australian comic shops that are doing it tough due to the impact of COVID-19. This support will be through a series of daily art auctions that will take place over the next few weeks, and once finalised, we will be splitting the profits evenly between selected brick and mortar comic shops across Australia. This will be a one-off no strings attached lump sum payment. Comic shops are an important part of the community. We’ve watched our peers and fellow creators, led by Jim Lee, pour out support for their shops across the United States. Our cousins in Canada have been doing the same for their shops, too. There was no way we could just sit back and not support our local Aussie shops! Without further ado, here is a list of the artists and creators who have donated their time and original art to kick things off: Nicola Scott Art Tom Taylor (Tom draws a mean Batman!) Colin Wilson David Yardin Jon Sommariva Mark Raats Dean Rankine Al Barrionuevo Jeffrey Cruz (CHAMBA) Loopy David Dunstan Marty J. Abel Wayne Nichols Mike Krome Lily McDonnell Stewart McKenny

Humberto Ramos The team has been cooking up some beautiful pieces.

This is an art auction event you will not want to miss! Want to help out? Help spread the word, and especially dig deep (if you are in the position to do so) in the auctions. The auctions will be open to worldwide bids, so the team welcomes all international fans to take part. On Sunday, 3rd of May, They broadcasted an epic Facebook livestream, where fans had the opportunity to ask questions , hang out, see some behind the scenes art and hear tales of comic shops from most of the featured creators, and included special guests Humberto Ramos, Lily McDonnell, Loopy David Dunstan, Dean Rankine, Impact Comics Comic Shop co-owner Mal Briggs, Freddie Williams, David Yardin & Nicola Scott.

To support the auction search aussies4comics on ebay.

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