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Beautiful and challenging platformer Lumione launching October 13th for Nintendo Switch and PC

Beautiful and challenging platformer Lumione launching October 13th for Nintendo Switch and PC

Pre-orders available now on the Nintendo eShop, with a Demo on Steam

Glibber Studio is proud to announce that their gorgeous side-scrolling platformer Lumione is launching on PC and Nintendo Switch on October 13th, and is available for preorder TODAY. At launch, Lumione will support English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and many other languages. A Lumione demo is now available on Steam worldwide. Glimmer will cost $12.99 on the Switch and $11.99 on Steam. The game will be 10% off the first week on each platform.

Lumione Official Release Trailer

Lumione is a side-scrolling platformer game developed by a group of young and promising university graduates. With an average age of only 23, the Glimmer team is excited to share with players their vision for a better world—one that begins with a journey in search of the Light. The game’s major themes are chasing dreams and having hope. Players will play the part of the beloved deep-sea fairy, Glimmer, as they escape from darkness and follow the path of the Light. Faced with trials of wisdom and courage, they will need to prove they have got what it takes to bring the light of hope back to the darkness of the seabed. Lumione is a game that not only feels satisfying to play but looks beautiful as well. Powered by UE4, the beautiful graphics of the deep-sea world come to life before you. The captivating story and original music, too, will be sure to move you. The fun only grows as you progress through the game, exploring the hidden wonders of this deep-sea world, such as Grove of Serenity, Ruins of Trials, Valley of the Lost, and more! The gameplay is simple, yet satisfyingly difficult. You will control our hero Glimmer as you head for the end of each level by jumping, climbing, and gliding—all while evading deadly traps and obstacles. The challenges ahead are not for the faint-hearted, but as you progress through the game and develop precision in your fingers, you will surely be thrilled by the joy of accomplishment. This is a game you will never get quite enough of. The full version features as many as 170 levels, each designed with an extensive set of challenges involving unique gameplay. Each level has been meticulously crafted to be at once challenging yet infinitely playable. As you progress through the levels one by one, the game’s difficulty will increase, and so too will the thrilling sense of fun. Who knows? You may even come to grow addicted to the wrenching challenge the game provides! Break through obstacles and begin your search for the light! Come explore the world of Lumione and start your deep-sea adventure today!


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