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Breathedge: The Leia Center Free Update Out Now on PC

Can you survive the trials of the Leia Center? Probably not, but hey… death is just part of the job.

Publisher HypeTrain Digital and developer Redruins Softworks are pleased to announce that Breathedge: The Leia Center update is now out for free on all platforms. Until Friday, October 8th Breathedge is 33% off on Steam to celebrate the arrival of The Leia Center! Rejoice and work hard to not die horribly, employee!

More than just a traditional content update, The Leia Center is a whole new way to play Breathedge. The mysterious Leia Interplanetary Research Center has “hired” you to be a test subject focused on completing various tasks in just thirty minutes allotted… or facing certain death when you fail.

What exactly is the Leia Center and how does it connect to the Breathedge Global Funeral Agency? That’s something you’re going to have to learn through trial and error. A small story about a big world, a little man, a lot of dangers, and yourself, armed with half an hour and your talent for survival - The Leia Center is a small chunk of horror in an already very chunk-filled game.


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