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GABS CAN Design Winner Announced

If you imagined designs inspired by abstract psychedelic illustrations from the 60s, skaters in back alleys of the Sunshine Coast, gothic macabre skeletons or melancholy robots... it is unlikely your first thought of where you would find such incredibly creative and stunning artworks would be on the outside of Australian Craft Brewery Beer Cans!

Yet, these are exactly some of the brilliant inspirations behind the record 145 Craft Breweries who each nominated an entry in this year’s prestigious GABS Craft Brewery Can Design Awards.

After a week of deliberation by their world class judging panel and in the tightest of possible finishes with very little to separate the TOP 10, the winner of the GABS Can Design Awards 2021, taking home first prize and the prestigious Orora Golden Trophy is...

Victoria’s Stomping Ground Brewing Co.’s ‘NECTARON OF THE GODS’

Designed by Terry Ricardo, the artwork captures the beauty of New Zealand's blue lakes and snow-covered peaks, morphed with a tropical Garden of Eden showcasing an out of this world 'nectar of the gods'.

Queensland breweries rounded off the podium with Blackflag’s Kick Ons (Ross Holloway) in second and Aether’s El Jefe (Steve Falco, Procreativ) in third.

Congratulations to the finalists who all receive a share of great prizes from Orora and Opal Packaging. Winning designer Terry receives $1,000 from GABS and a listing with BrewsNews. Check out the TOP 10 overall placings.


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