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Kickstarter Spotlight: LOBO: the Hunted and the Hunter

This months Kickstarter Spotlight goes to LOBO: The Hunted and the Hunter

The true story, 65-page graphic novel about Ernest Thompson Seton and 'Lobo', the wolf that would change his life and the fate of America's wildlands.


United States, 1894. Most wolves in America had been exterminated by ever expanding human settlers, yet a small pack survived in northeast New Mexico. This pack was led by an infamous wolf that would become known as Lobo. Faced with diminishing game animals for food, the pack had turned to livestock, wreaking havoc on local herds. No matter what the ranchers tried, they could not stop the menacing wolves. Enter Ernest Thompson Seton, artist, naturalist, and expert wolf hunter. In Seton’s mind, subduing Lobo would be a simple matter. But it wasn’t. Lobo, intelligent and cunning, was a formidable opponent. After exhausting nearly every option at his disposal, Seton comes up with a tactic to defeat his foe, one that is grimly successful. But Seton’s experience in New Mexico changes him. He sees a beautiful, wild country rapidly disappearing. He sees Lobo as a symbol of the wild places and animals disappearing from their native habitat, many on the brink of extinction. Seton eventually becomes an outspoken advocate for conservation and protecting the American wilderness. He dedicates his life to writing about his experiences with wild animals, as well as developing programs for teaching skills and stewardship to young boys, and was one of the early founders of the Boys Scouts of America.


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