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Marvel Midnight Suns Review

Running a pop culture channel and being obsessed with anything Marvel from an early age it always gets tricky reviewing a property like this, I have high expectations as a comic reader, film lover and gamer.

Luckily though 'Marvel Midnight Suns' did not disappoint it's an exciting and action-packed video game that is sure to keep Marvel fans entertained for hours. The game features a unique story for a modern Marvel game with many nods to medieval RPGs. We follow the adventures of the midnight suns who battle against the forces of evil with plenty of A+ Marvel characters joining the team as the story goes along.

The game is not for the faint of heart, older gamers like me (with less time on their hands) who are looking to pick up the controller and do a few missions will struggle as between missions there is a lot of running around the manor keeping your new friends & colleagues happy. Luckily for us though your colleagues are the Marvels Avengers and they're voiced by great actors like Michael Jai White (Black Dynamite), Yuri Lowenthal (Sony's Spiderman) & Steve Blum (X-men).

The friendship mechanics is an interesting one, I didn't see much of a reason to piss off any of the characters. I wanted to be friends with all my Avenger & Midnight Suns colleagues, I suspect later into the game this will be more detrimental as the Midnight Suns and Avengers will clash heads about how to deal with the big bad villian and other issues that come along the way.

I have mixed feelings about the graphics in this game, when it comes down to the fighting, action and the card mechanics the graphics are stunning with incredibly smooth gameplay with truly dynamic and entertaining character poses. It's not often that the ingame graphics are better than the cut scenes which sadly seems to be the case with Midnight Suns. The graphics are at their worst when you're going around the manor talking to other characters the poses and mouth movements are incredibly wooden which unfortunately takes away from their performances.

Given you spend a good 50% of your time talking to other characters this has been the main drawback for me especially when playing the game on a next gen console like the PS5, it's almost like you're playing two different games mixed into one or perhaps the developers were told to add another element to the game at a later stage in its development.

These are my first impressions after 10 hours of play if you're diehard fan it's safe to say my issues will be overlooked and with exceptional reviews across the board, I must be getting a little critical in my old age. Marvel super fans and avid gamers will have a ton of fun with this while the more casual gamers and fans might not feel the long hours are quite worth the reward. 7/10

Fans of Midnight Suns have a lot more action to look forward to with DLC The Good, The Bad & The Undead featuring Deadpool coming in a short amount of time 27th of January.


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