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Silver Axe - The Honest Elf Now Live on Steam

Indie development studio The Island Games and publisher Milk Bottle Studio release their classic 2D platformer, Silver Axe - The Honest Elf on Steam today for $13.99/€11.59, and will feature a first week 10% discount.

Silver Axe - The Honest Elf is an action game based on one of Aesop's Fables "The Honest Woodman", fight strong enemies one after another in a fabulous fairytale world, recover the golden heart of the goddess and unleash the hidden power of your Silver Axe.

In Silver Axe - The Honest Elf, play as a free elf as you complete the quests given by the forest dwellers for additional help, like the weakness of your enemy, secret path for ambushing, or partners that fight alongside you.

Silver Axe - The Honest Elf is currently available in Early Access, and will remain there for approximately 5 to 8 months. The Early Access version would include the first chapter of the story “Pan-Lake Trials”, 12 different styles of skills, 3 independent levels, and 5~7 different boss fights.


  • Unique magic system, cast spells freely by combining four magic keys.

  • Levels designed around Boss fights with continuous battle experience.

  • A fairy tale adventure and interactions with cute and humorous creatures.

  • Smooth and responsive control which puts your gaming skills to the test.

  • Multiple story branches and multiple endings, awaken the goddess and explore the secret of the forest.


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