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Swamp Land Resorts Web Comic

Swamp Land Resorts is a B Grade horror comic created by Mike Watt.

It tells the story of Swamp Land Resorts and a run of trouble they experienced. The trouble begins when a usually placid alligator eats a cooler full of meth, once belonging to Big Beau Sr, the local methamphetamine salesperson.

Chaos ensues as the Meth Gator tears through the Resorts and its residents, which consist of colourful characters such as, the Swamp Wizard, Jonah the alien enthusiast on the run, the sleazy BBQ Daddy Terrance, to name a few.

Swamp Lands was painstakingly hand drawn, with the backgrounds created using ink marbled and then digitally put together and coloured.

You can view the full project online at


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