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I’m a graphic designer by day and an avid tv consumer by night, catching all the latest comic tv shows as well as chipping away at my pile of monthly issues that never seems to shrink. Batman is my life but I also love a lot of indie titles from Image.






Animation has long been a joy of mine.  Collecting simply stemmed from loving my toys as a kid. 

My passion for both mediums satisfies my active imagination and informs the kind of work I want to produce as an Artist.

Kapow Hosts:


Al & Sonya

Hosts of Kapow from 2012-2016



I have worked in Comic Retail for 2 years at House of Heroes in Canberra and I also have a background in Television, I've been into comics since I was a little kid and some of my favourite titles are Spawn and Preacher. I also enjoy some of the classic Wolverine runs, Sin City, Constantine and I love Hellboy.





I've been a huge comic fan since I was a kid, I love all comics from traditional Marvel/DC to indie titles and I also have a large knowledge in Anime/Manga & Godzilla films.




Web reviews:

Mahmoud Ghazawi                                                                                                           Jim Picton


Jacob Hae                                                                                                                          Chad Smith


Phillip Martin










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