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Van Helsing Vs Dracula #1-5

Grimm Fairy Tales: Van Helsing vs Dracula #1-5


Writer: Pat Shand

Art: Michele Bandini

Colours: Walter Pereyra

Since the creation of Dracula by Bram Stoker in 1897, it seems every type of media has their own adaption of the legendary battle between said titular character and the van Helsing’s. This time Zenescope with their Grimm Fairy Tales line have their turn with Pat Shand writing up a miniseries for the old classic battle but this time it is with Professor Abraham’s daughter, Liesel van Helsing.

We are introduced to a Jonathan and Mina as she becomes afflicted with a strange disease making her become some kind of monster, making him give out a call to a dear friend.

Enter Liesel, vampire hunter, as she balances her day and night life doing what she loves best: slaying the creatures of the night and introducing us to her boyfriend (which i have to say is a very weird choice) as she narrates the events of the previous year/s that lead to the present as she crosses the sea back home to Europe, learning more about the curse that runs through the veins of vampires and herself as she comes to the rescue and end the blight that haunts its dark alleys.

The artwork by Michele and Walter is quite stellar for most pages with great action scenes as well bringing in the cool horror vibe to the book, though at times the character expressions are a bit cartoony. But the main highlight is the writing which digs its teeth in quickly, with a great even mix of plot, action and slight humor (which only leaves you wanting at least a bit more issues to be added for it’s a very quick ride) and makes Liesel a very likeable and somewhat relatable badass (though the steampunk attire is a weird choice).

Final Words

This being my first jump into the Grimm Fairy Tales books, I am somewhat surprised with the quality and interesting world they have built (kind of like the Fables universe but with all the main cast being female),

I for one don’t tend to gravitate towards the Grimm Fairy Tales line due to the ‘sexy lady’ designs being quite eye-rolling, but this series has changed my perspective and i’ll be checking out more of the Grimm Fairy tales line.


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