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Street Fighter Unlimited #4

Street Fighter Unlimited #4

UDON comics

Writer: Ken Siu-Chong

Artist: Joe Ng/Sarah Stone

Colors: Espen Grundetjern

Udon and Capcom continue the Street Fighter Franchise with the 5th Act of their series this time covering events storied around the ‘Street Fighter 3’ video game, so let’s get started.

The book opens with the Ryu battling his master, Gouken, who he had previously thought dead by the hands of Akuma and fighting the belief that he is still alive somehow. It later gives an official canon explanation of his resurrection that is as martial arts as it gets, before Ryu is once off again to journey around the world for a way to defeat the Satsui no Hado (an evil form of martial arts as to put in lamen terms)

Crossing over to Spain to the special operations team made up of Guile, Chun-Li, Cammy and Alex continue their escape of Vega’s hideout doing battle with what seems and unlimited and unbeatable horde of ‘Twelve’ android units. After a debrief of the mission to the brass of the US army, the usual red tape comes out only leaving Guile with more questions being raised. As a new challenger finally enters the world stage to begin his quest to become saviour.

The tail-end book this time, has C. Viper battling with Juri as she tries to recruit her to help in the investigation and get revenge on the series main bad guy, M. Bison.

As always in the Street Fighter comic series the art is awesome with a mix of western and eastern styles of art in displaying a great amount of flashy combat scenes with every issue and doing justice to each of the characters and their movesets from the game which is very much staple with this series. However with this series unless you are invested within the Street Fighter franchise as a whole it is a very daunting read especially if you are unfamiliar with its lore or its characters. (You’d have to actually start with the beginning of the series as it often references back issues as well as the legends mini series.)

Verdict: Borrow

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