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Symmetry #2 & #3

Symmetry #2 & #3

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Writter: Matt Hawkins

Art: Raffaele Lenco

Cover: Raffael Lenco

After a few splash pages with references to a few years into the future both books pick up the story directly from the end of the previous book.

These little glimpses into the future give you a look into what the world is becoming after the natural disaster from the end of book one.

If you haven't read book one, please don't read this review because I give away some of the plot ideas, it's just that damn good.

(you can read the review for issue 1 here )

It's hard not to with so much happening in this terrific little story.

After seeing his first dark skinned person ever, Michael (the main character) has many questions. The elder with him is trying desperately to keep the "segregation" (for that is what this utopia really runs on) intact by not allowing anyone to talk to the dark skinned Maricela (another key character).

With no RAINA to assist them people are panicking and have feeling they have never experienced before. Such as Hunger, tiredness, anger, rage and even love.

This will not be tolerated by the Elders from each race, and we start to see what lengths they will go to to save their precious Utopia.

Seeing what a man will do when he experiences resentment and anger for the first time might be a little off confronting but both writer Matt Hawkins (Think Tank, The Tithe, Tales of Honour) and artist Raffaele Ienco (Epic Kill) convey this perfectly through the script and art in perfect symmetry. Ienco's artwork in particular allow you to imagine the tension and horror all at once.

The faceless Pacifier bots are by far my favorite drawn by Ienco, and the 2 page spread at the end of the flash forward in book #2 is absolutely terrifying in the way rabid and crazed humans are portrayed along with the resilience and strength of the pacifiers.

Matt Hawkins has written the book thus far from the point of view of the main character Michael. He is journaling everything for his mixed blood child as both a way to see where he came from and something to help him build a better tomorrow.

I am loving this series, and as always Matt Hawkins Sociology Class (Science Class in Think Tank, Sunday School in The Tithe) are full of useful and interesting footnotes. You just can't help but feel smarter for reading these books.

It's a must read, and definitely something to put on your pull list. BUY

Symmetry #1 is currently Free on Comixology

-Chad Smith

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