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Black Knight #1-5

Black Knight #1-5

Marvel Comics

Writer: Frank Tieri

Artist: Luca Pizzari and Kev Walker

Colors: Antonio Fabela & Andrew Crossley

Dane Whitman has inherited his family’s legacy and has taken up the Ebony blade and become the Black Knight, dating back to Sir Percy of Scandia from the time of King Arthur, he has found himself in the realm of Weirdworld battling endlessly against whatever forces come his way in his little chunk of land he calls New Avalon. But his friends and trusted allies fear there is something wrong with Dane as they question themselves on who is really in control of the Black Knight?

This 5 issue run has the Uncanny Avengers; Steve Rogers, Rogue, Doctor Voodoo, Quicksilver, Human Torch, Deadpool and newcomer Synapse with the aid of Black Knight and Ebony Blade expert Rebecca Stevens giving chase to Dane to the realm of Weirdworld to take him back to the Marvel Universe to answer for his crimes of murder, however Dane has other plans and sends out his forces to try and force the Avengers back.

The art team for the series have done a good job with its direction bringing out the dark fantasy theme of this book with the wonderous creatures big and small, to Weirdworld itself with its floating isles and castles. However at times the only jarring thing is the character art being quite rough at times.

This being my first entry to the character Black Knight and the realm of Weirdworld, i wasn’t too sure what i was expecting out of it, the covers of each issue are beautiful to look at and are the main draw to this book, the adventure inside was average as it felt more of a tale of an addicts in the later half. With the series now unfortunately cancelled, I hope Marvel would have the run continue in future as a jolly adventure into fantasy as Black Knight and Weirdworld just works.

Verdict: Borrow


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