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New Suicide Squad #18

New Suicide Squad #18

DC Comics

Writer: Tim Seeley

Art and Colours: Juan Ferreyra

With a summary of events to get the reader caught up with what happened from the previous issue, narrated by Harley Quinn, the ‘now dead’ members of Task Force X (Harley Quinn, Deadshot, El Diablo and Cheetah) are on the road to freedom with their liberator, Horus International, however they have other plans set in store for them to redeem their past sins. Amanda Waller on the other hand has to explain the loss of so many assets to her higher ups.

Tom Seeley gives us a suicide squad story that continues to give a lot of twists and turns for the current line up to keep them on their toes and makes you wonder what else is he keeping up his sleeve for them until the startup of the ‘Rebirth’ line coming in a few months. Juan Ferreyra on the other delivers (check out the Gotham by Midnight run) with his unique art styling capturing the mood of the series with just small inconsistencies in character detailing in a few panels.

With the upcoming movie and rebirth line coming up, if you are unfamiliar with what suicide squad is about, this latest arc (with addition to #17) is a good pick up point to get to know the members of Belle Reve with hopefully the upcoming issues delivering some more introductions of characters that would mirror the film. For those familiar with the run, Seeley and Ferreyra gives something to cheer for in what has been a somewhat lackluster series since its new 52 beginning.

Verdict: BUY

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