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Supergirl Season 1 Review Part 1



Episdoes: 1-13

Starring: Melissa Benoist,

Mehcad Brooks, Chyler Leigh

Deep cuts.

The two words I’d use to describe Supergirl.

The Easter eggs come thick and fast in her DC tv show counterparts on CW, but the showrunners are pulling out all the stops on Supergirl. Only 12 episodes into its 20 episode series have shown us the likes of green and white Martians, Bizarro, Livewire and now Black Mercy.

The cameo characters aren’t the best part about Supergirl though, that honour belongs to Melissa Benoist, Supergirl herself. Her honest and earnest performances are a delight to watch, giving Kara Zor-El the sweet, lighthearted maturity she deserves.

The whole core of the show is lesson in accepting oneself. From the first episode Kara transforms herself from a girl hiding who she really is, into the hero she was destined to be. It goes against what her adopted family have done to protect her identity so far, but they soon realise that Kara’s desire to help people with the gifts she’s been given make her who they truly love.

Kara’s (and secretly Supergirl’s) mentor is her day-job boss Cat Grant. Cat’s demeanor can come across as cold and uncaring but deep down is truly tough love. It’s her unwavering determination to achieve all she can in all aspects of life that gives Kara the spirit to keep fighting when she’s at her lowest.

The lessons she learns from Cat are so important because they are both women in a dynamic we don’t often see – Female boss to female employee. The strong feminist story in Supergirl is entirely refreshing against what we receive from other forms of media. Yes, the ‘women can be anything’ message is still there, but the way these two characters are presented aren’t powersuited ball breakers like we’re used to. Kara is the feminine girl-next-door, shy, awkward, caring and a daydreamer. Cat is the intimidating corporate woman who is generous, honest, determined and a realist.

They relate to everyday women by showing us that no matter your personality, your importance is valid and your voice can be heard if you believe in what you project.

It’s most relevant in her relationship to Superman. A hero with a long history of success in his public life casts a wide shadow. Kara and Supergirl must draw from within herself what is means to be a figure that people will turn to rather than relying on her male counterpart. Not by trying to be better than him, but by being an equal.

For everyone unsure of whether they will enjoy Supergirl, they cover all bases with action, romance and intrigue. The stories are exciting and wrapped up well each episode, but the ongoing plot lines are certainly interesting enough to bring you back each week. It’s clever in the way that they will feed you just enough of a lead in the last 2 minutes to leave you yelling at the screen for more, and don’t fall short in actually delivering what you waited 7 days for.

Overall Supergirl is fun, inspiring and full of heart!



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