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Mr Unpronounceable and the infinity of nightmares




Creator/ Writer/ Art: Tim Molloy Milk Shadow Books

What initially seems to feel like a never-ending acid trip, the ‘Mr. Unpronounceable Adventures’ lures you into an extravaganza of mystery and macabre. The ‘Tintin’ meets H.P Lovecraft offspring invites you to join Mr. Unpronounceable on his absurd journey through an uncharted dimension of the Sub Ethereal Hierarchy.

Mr. Unpronounceable, a necromancer humanoid stumbles about the city with his almost inanimate companion, the homunculus. Bound between the Hundred Year Ocean and endless plain sits the City Of The Ever Open Eye, hiding secrets of the multiverse to which Mr. Unpronounceable seeks the answers. On his travels through the twisted dimension, he is confronted with vision quests and mysterious beings, tarnishing the very fabric of reality around him.

The third book ‘Mr. Unpronounceable and the Infinity of Nightmares’ joins the series of hallucinogenic adventures. Though each is a self-contained storyline in itself, it helps to familiarize with the wicked humor of Tim Molloy before delving into the series any further. Each adventure more nightmare-fuelled than the last compiles into an anthology of psychedelic artworks, interpreted through Molloy’s perception of a post apocalyptic wasteland.

‘Mr. Unpronounceable and the Infinity of Nightmares’ establishes the character more and more over each new chapter, as the so-called vigilante continues to murder alternate versions of himself in attempt to make sense of the world.

As the city is in turmoil, controlled by an apocalyptic cult of the Bleeding Eye and governed by the faceless creatures of the Silent Monks, Mr. Unpronounceable’s adventures appear to be at futile risk. Before reality devours itself before him, he must stop the devastation creeping towards the city.

The three book series explores everything strange, from extraterrestrial beings to reanimated corpses, but is not for the easily agitated or disturbed. Molloy’s incredible sense of humor accompanies a series of dark illustrations, delving into the mindset of a madman.



The first two volumes of Molloy’s series are available alongside his newest creation. At nearly 200 pages per book, the series is not to be a neglected purchase.

Visit and get your hands on the mind-boggling masterpiece.

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