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FUBAR: American History Z

FUBAR: American History Z Writer: Various Writers Artist: Various Artists Editor in Chief: Jeff McComsey Art Director: Steve Becker Right when you thought we didn’t need any more zombies comes FUBAR: American History Z, a historically inaccurate series of death, disaster and disease. Though inaccurate, this addition of FUBAR makes for excellent entertainment, with each chapter devoted to a new sequence or timely period. Before being too quick to judge, give this epic series a chance as you are definitely in for a treat.

Although this intricately crafted collection of stories is centralized around the battle of the living and the dead, it also depicts the evolution of war in its literal sense. From the settlement of America in 1606 until the presidential election of Barack Obama, FUBAR manages to maintain a constant time flow, jolting through the different generations of war, replacing the enemy with the horrific undead.

What makes this addition even better, is that it does not have one consistent team of creators, but instead passes the role onto a new team with each new chapter. You’ll notice the drastic change in the artistic scheme, but in doing so, enhances your reading experience in the process.

Previous volumes in the FUBAR series are devoted to historically acclaimed events, used as just one of the key elements in the storytelling process. With this compelling approach to storytelling in general, FUBAR has managed to climb its way to the top of New York Times best selling series.

Zombies may tend to feel a little overdone at time, but this is definitely an issue worth wrangling your minds around. BUY


If you want to get your undead hands on a copy of FUBAR: American History Z,

you can purchase a copy directly from or Comixology

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