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Any Port in Storm Review

Any Port in Storm Creator: Ben Quinlan Inkling Comics Teleportation, its enough to create a life with no more traffic, no more flights to catch. The ultimate superpower. Who would have thought that it could have such negative implementations?

Imagine a world where everywhere is accessible. Everyone is accessible. Suddenly, it becomes a very small place.

Any Port in Storm manages to illustrate teleportation in a static, visual medium that has obviously proved challenging for creator Ben Quinlan. He mentions: “In comics, panels show a single instant in time, and we are left to fill in the gaps between. So essentially, panel gutters represent passage of time. Using gutters to split people in half, showing them disappearing in an instant, was something I’d wanted to use since I first conceived this project. Hopefully it translates into the page and makes sense.”

Storm City, once a vibrant and promising city, reduced to a state of desolation. Named for the violent and beautiful storms the city is consumed by, the population has collapsed as the city declines into isolation, running out of food and supplies quickly. Teleportation, formerly the most common mode of transport, has quickly become dangerous with grim consequences of ‘fusing’ with another human being.

Set in an undisclosed but near future, the comic follows tour guide, Tag, as her failing business leads her on a journey to save her city and discover the truth behind the ban on teleportation.

This four part miniseries deals with an interesting concept that has rarely been pinpointed in the past. Creator, Ben Quinlan, proves that the future may be terrifying, especially one so dystopian as portrayed in Any Port in Storm.


The comic is available for a very small cost, and can be purchased at

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