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The Demon: The Princess of Kerala

The Demon:

The Princess of Kerala Writer/ Illustrator: Matt Kyme Publisher: Brew Publications

It’s obvious you can’t judge a book by its cover. From first glance, The Demon led expectations of being immediately engulfed into the land of the underworld; however, I was instead transported back to a much earlier time, a time where comics had incredible complex structure and ordering of sequence.

Writer and illustrator, Matt Kyme, says that this is not an attempt to regurgitate what has already been published, but instead is paying homage to the classic storytelling of Lee Falk, drawing inspiration from his classic The Phantom. Kyme successfully pulls off this artistic experiment, offering a walk down memory lane with his masterpiece The Demon.

The story within, The Princess of Kerala, follows a plan to kidnap the daughter of a wealthy Indian Raja, a princess who sits aboard the S.S. Gray. Though after a series of superstitious events, the plan is seized and the culprits are exposed.

But one question remains. Who is the masked and mysterious vigilante? I guess you will have to find out for yourself.

Just when you think you are following the plot, the comic cleverly diverts your attention, introducing several directions to where the story can go next. A brilliant way to keep you both engaged and intrigued until the very end.

Kyme’s approach uses a classic Noir style depiction of the time period portrayed, using The Phantom’s conceptual framework as inspiration. With an obvious amount of research and encouragement that has been compiled into this masterpiece, The Demon is a recommendation that mustn’t be ignored.


The Princess of Kerala is available and can be purchased by messaging the comic’s Facebook page.

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