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True Horror

True Horror

Author/Illustrator: Simon Wright

Self Published

“You’re already dead; you just don’t know it yet”. True Horror has an underlying darkness, pinpointing the crime and corruption of the world around us. Enter the mind of a madman as he questions our mere existence, transforming the depth of his humanity into a nightmare. Nothing is what it seems. Why do we exist?Simon Wrights chilling graphic novel investigates the actions of an unnamed character, who has set out on a discovery of madness after a major traumatic event has serious implications on his life. Be warned though, the timeline of the story can easily trick you.

What makes this story work so well, is that it forces these confronting images upon us, which in the end we can finally piece together to make sense of it. As each new scene introduces a different time, the story tends to shift its primary focus regularly, the only way to do so with only 36 pages to work with. As Wright delves deep into the reality of our existence, he perfectly formulates this perception of the darkness that surrounds us, hidden in all forms of media, politics and our own psyche. Serving as both the author and illustrator of True Horror, Melbourne creator Simon Wright offers some of the finest talent there is in the industry.


True Horror is available from Wright’s Etsy store; though while you are there, check out some of his other amazing products. Link: True Horror

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