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5 Seconds

5 Seconds Author: Stephen Kok Illustrations: P.R. Dedelis and Eric Gravel Publisher: Sigmate Studio

What would you do if you could see 5 seconds into the future? Would you look?

5 seconds follows in the footsteps of Jake, who has just discovered that he can see what happens 5 seconds into the future. With this ability, he and his best friend Ellie decide to test the limitations of his newfound power. Though unfortunately, with great power comes great responsibility as others find out about Jake’s power and seek to exploit his unique time bending skill.

When stories follow a protagonist as they are unearthing their odd talents and overcoming adversity, the comic sometimes loses its force and manages to get sidetracked somewhere in the middle. However, 5 Seconds is one of those successful stories that doesn’t focus on an unnecessary origin story and tosses around the question of ‘what if’?

With the aid of detailed graphics by Eric Gravel and P.R. Dedelis, Stephen Kok’s creation is brought to life and aptly illustrates the past, the present and the future. Though having only 70 pages of its first issue, 5 Seconds achieves everything from a combination of genres, to easily relatable characters.


His previous works have been stored on the shelves of libraries across Australia and New Zealand, and with a story he has wanted to tell for over ten years finally published, Stephen Kok presents a one of a kind story that will blow your mind. The first edition can be purchased here

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