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Sleeping With Ghosts

Sleeping With Ghosts

Writer: Damian S Simankowicz Artwork: Marcelo Salaza Colours: Mike Stefan Scattered Studios

Sleeping With Ghosts, the first issue of three planned thus far, is a dark and mysterious supernatural thriller with a romantic twist. As the title gives a general idea of what is bound between the pages, the short comic does not disappoint, immediately drawing you in to live out your supernatural fantasies in an Australian setting. It is always refreshing to read stories that are not only different but of some locality, and in this case, we head to the Hotel Avira, located near the New South Wales border to Melbourne. Sebastian Fletcher, a mysterious visitor in search of meaning of the afterlife, sets foot into the hotel as a last resort in his investigation. The revelation of the hotel’s strange past unveils the foundations of what we can expect throughout the series remaining.

Simankowicz achieves so much in his approach, creating key characters, who in the end, are not really there. The book emphasizes the demise of many victims in the Hotel Avira, and as a supernatural thriller manages to divert your attention from the dead to focus on the fate of Sebastian. The artwork itself coincides perfectly with character development, representing not only the difference between life and death, but also reprises time as a key element.

Sleeping With Ghosts is a short book, however in its 30 pages successfully incorporates several genres and storylines that are worth the read.


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