The Radioactive Lounge Ep 60

Turns out we don’t need Rad Lounge hosts after all, as this episode writer/artist Chuck Forsman (creator of TEOTFW, Revenger and Slasher) outshines us all in the job! We serve up all the usual news & comics reviews, plus give the lowdown on latest X-Men film Logan - and we discuss Chuck’s idiosyncratic and often headsplitting work, ranging from self-publishing to his very own upcoming Netflix series!

SHOW NOTES: 00.00 - Intro & News 20.05 - Comics Reviews - Savage Dragon #220 - Weird Detective - Demon #1 - Doctor Strange/The Punisher: Magic Bullets #3 - Hulk #3 38:13 - Logan movie review 1:00.35 - Feature Topic: Chuck Forsman interview 1:34:00 - BA’s PA

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