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Interview with Jeremy Bullock AKA Bobba Fett

This year we take a look at the 40 years of groundbreaking elements that Star Wars has produced, including everything from space exploration through the lens of George Lucas to the unsung heroes beneath the characters. Whilst being in England, I have taken all of the opportunities to sit down with some of the actors and delve deep into their experiences, memories and opinions about the franchise. Being warned in advance, I couldn’t ask anything about Episode 8, however that doesn’t mean you cant ask about the conspiracies.

Jeremy Bulloch has a profound history of stage and screen acting, managing to land one of the few roles of Boba Fett throughout the original trilogy of Star Wars. He claims that at the time it was only a very minor role, but look how far it’s come from that point.

40 years ago, did you think Star Wars was going to become what it is today?

“Not at all! Everything was there for it to happen, but I didn’t expect it to become what it is now. When I got the role as Boba, I was so anxious about losing the role. They handed me the helmet and I realized no one knew who I was, so I could say and do whatever I wanted underneath the mask. At the time, it was only a minor role, so it’s interesting to see how far that character has come in 40 years”.

What was the process behind putting on the suit?

“It was actually quite simple after time. You have the main plates, but when it comes down to the shin pads, that’s where it got a bit difficult. You see the pads were attached by elastic and would constantly fly across the room when there was any pressure. As I said though, as soon as the helmet went on, you could say and do what you wanted. You became a badass”.

Would you be interested to see the release of a Boba Fett solo film, and watch it as a fan?

“Oh definitely, I hope they do a spin off”. Would you have a cast member in mind for when the helmet was taken off?

“Not particularly. All the film needs is for Boba to walk across the screen and pause. Helmet still on and just looks directly into the camera. The audience needs to feel that haunting feeling that something is going on and something is about to go down. If I were to just glance at you now, without any expression, it is really uncomfortable. That’s all it would take. He is a classy character, and playing him was good fun”.

Well it seems like it. The whole cast seemed to have such an amazing chemistry (which you would have to considering you are on for three films). What are your opinions on where it is going from here?

“I loved Episode 1 and 2, and from what I see in the new lot, it’s taking an exciting path. My granddaughter has become obsessed with it. This is the new generation. These are the kids who are going to grow up to be experts. She would constantly be telling me ‘this happens here, and then he shoots a gun here’ and all I can reply with is ‘ok, thanks for letting me know the entire story’”.

Being on set for three films, did you stay in contact with any of the cast members?

“Doing these conventions you run into a lot of the people you were on set with. I’ve seen David Prowse (Darth Vader) a couple of times because I used to go to his gym”.

Finally, can you answer this burning question that has torn apart groups of fans for decades. Who shot first? Han or Greedo? Oh Han, there is no question about it. Here’s the thing though… Han Solo isn’t quite enough with a gun.

It’s Boba Fett that is the gunman”.

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