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How Comics Work by Dave Gibbons Review

“When I was young, I didn’t realise for many years that comics were written by anyone other than the artist. However, looking back now on the comics I liked then, I recognise that the common thread was always the stories”.

Legendary comic artist Dave Gibbons and comic book expert Tim Pilcher offer a master class in creating comics with their new book How Comics Work. Through a series of revelations, the duo gives an insight to the tricks of the trade with a behind the scenes view of this creative world. With 40 years experience behind him, Gibbons has collaborated with some of the biggest names including Alan Moore, cementing his legacy in comic book history. Better known as the artist behind juggernauts as Watchmen and The Green Lantern, this informative book provides real life solutions, with each page reflecting on the process and the history, including original artwork, sketches, and preparatory designs, many of which have never been published before.

How Comics Work isn’t just the praise and reflection of one artist, but instead examines the creative process, far beyond the glamour that is the final product. Pilcher investigates the life and work of Dave Gibbons who proves to be a legendary figure of the comic book world.

For many of us who will read the book, we want to pull back the curtains and learn the hidden secrets of the comic world for ourselves, but its much more complicated than that. Pilcher and Gibbons cater for everyone, but most importantly they place an emphasis on writing style, teaching us to write for ourselves before we write for the artist or the audience. From the early conceptual stages to alternate cover designs and publication, this is a cavalcade of useful insights and tips for all newcomers to the industry.

How Comics Book is an investigative journey through the different stages of comic book production. In reference to other creators as Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, Dave Gibbons shines a light on his own failures that influenced his renowned success. There are a million different books in the world that tell us exactly how to put together a comic book, but among the ashes is this rare and insightful tool that is a must have for any creative bookshelf. Whether you’re new to the industry or a veteran of pop culture, How Comics Work is the newest addition to your collection.

How Comics Work by Dave Gibbons and Tom Pilcher is on sale now through Wellfleet Press.

-Chris Daniel

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