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When Music Meets Comics

For years, comics and music have been engaging in an ongoing dialogue, shining a spotlight on the seamless relationship between the two unique forces through the medium of graphic storytelling. The real question here is whether music is the comic book industries secret weapon.

Throwing back to the 1960’s with the trippy Beatlemania comic books that cashed in on the comic craze, it kick started a rise of underground comics. Moving forward a decade to the era of KISS, the 1970’s saw the publication of their now infamous special edition comic book, printed with a particular special ink, a combination of the band member’s blood (that’s pretty metal). Music has served as an inspiration, working hand in hand as a powerful motivator in both the creation and the output of the final product. Eminem had the Marvel treatment when he featured in an issue alongside the Punisher back in 2009, and has since preached his love for the ever-growing fan base.

But music cant be heard when its pressed into the pages of a comic book, so when thrust onto the big screen for hair raising fight scenes and insane character development, what’s not to love about this relationship? Think about the Awesome Mix played on Star-Lord’s Walkman, or the fight scenes of Thor Ragnarok pumping Led Zeppelins Immigrant Song in the background. Even the 2017 Justice League trailer sought Australia’s own Gang of Youths to harmonize a fitting cover of Heroes, which will undoubtedly be one of the only highlights of that film *cough*.

Music is no secret weapon, but an army in its own right. From the comic inspired album covers, to the hidden cameos in the pages of your favorite stories, music more than just a point of reference.

Ahead of his performance at New York Comic Con, The Weeknd announced his collaboration with Marvel Comics for a publication of his own comic book. The title, Starboy, pays homage to his album and collaboration with French duo Daft Punk, who are also embraced by the world of pop culture. The Weeknd ruled the international charts in 2016, over time hinting at his introduction to the comic world.

Though the story isn’t exactly set in stone, Marvel has confirmed that comic will invest itself into the life of the same character that took him to the arenas. Issue one of the new series is expected for an early 2018 release.

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