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Wrath of the Cursed #1

Wrath of the Cursed #1

By Matt Kyme Self Published

A love letter penned from the heart and soul of Matt Kyme introduced audiences to ‘The Demon’ a few years ago. A beautiful tribute to the Phantom comics, Kyme incorporated so many elements of a bygone era, replicating vintage 1930’s style writing and illustrations. Unfortunately, the project came to an abrupt end earlier this year, but Kyme pushed through and has shown no signs of slowing down, revealing his newest project ‘The Wrath of the Cursed’.

A gut feeling many creative minds are familiar with is that their inner monologue is full of concern when it comes to how their audience will react to the story. The comic industry is full of wolves, which means the first issue is a major make or break. Nevertheless, Kyme’s breakout issue has successfully ticked all the right boxes, securing an audience who are now in it for the long run.

Similar themes bound in the pages of ‘The Demon’ are found scattered throughout issue one, meaning that Kyme’s previous creation has not completely disappeared into the abyss. Set in a time long ago, the story begins with an instant climax in an unnamed Asian country. The SAY TON Clan, a brotherhood of hardened criminals is in charge, but when a battle of man against myth breaks out, we are introduced to our main character, The Cursed.

Kyme has always been a personal favorite of mine. Whether it’s his outgoing personality at conventions or the creations he has carefully embedded into each panel, there is only one of him. Homage to traditional Japanese manga, ‘The Wrath of the Cursed’ combines numerous characteristics to produce something that feels so familiar yet so different to anything seen before. Yet to come across a bad review, ‘The Wrath of the Cursed’ is just as intriguing as it is a visual spectacle. For a price of $5, you can purchase the first issue and reserve your spot in a series that will take you on a wild adventure through time, culture and mythology.

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