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5 Seconds Vol. 2

5 Seconds Vol. 2

Author: Stephen Kok Illustrations: P.R. Dedelis Colouring: Peyton Freeman Publisher: Sigmate Studio

Stephen Kok was initially known for the creation of Tabby, a comic that used visualization as the key to plot advancement. But soon after was the first volume of 5 Seconds, a story far different to those already coined.

With the discovery of a superpower that lets him peer into the future, Jake finds himself in a difficult situation as others begin to seek ways of exploitation. Alongside his best friend Ellie, he may stand a chance against what is coming for him. The first volume established time as a major element of the stories foundation, with fast paced sequences that constructed a unique concept in a relatively limited timeframe. Given that, the second installment takes things much slower, embracing a wider world of characters that the creator can work with.

Time and time again we have seen superpowers romanticized with little downside at all, but here we see the complexities of life when haunted by an unwanted and uncontrollable ability. Stumbling across a girl tortured by the voices in her head, Jake helps Janet realize her mind reading ability and find peace in the mean time. Does Jakes clairvoyance mean the introduction of more characters in the near future? I’d say so, perhaps now is the time to get my personalized cameo…

At 68 pages long, the second installment is just as successful as the first. Illustrating the past, present and future through an intricate design palette is just one of the several unique approaches to the story, but what draws you closer to the story is how relatable Stephen Kok’s universe feels.

Giving you an insight to issue three in the process, the second installment forces you to question your own moral compass if you were pushed into those scenarios. 5 Seconds Volume 2 will be available in a bookstore near you in the coming months.

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