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Above The Grave: Complete series

Above The Grave: Complete series

By Mitchell Hall and Andrew de Zilva

‘Above The Grave’ is a masterpiece that takes you below ground, deep under the Namibian desert to the world’s most infamous maximum-security supervillain prison, Mako. Here we meet the chief warden Rick Mastertine, a Kurt Russell cross Mel Gibson hybrid who is yet to discover what life is like underneath the surface.

The graphic novel is compiled of carefully articulated stories that eventuate from page to page, leaving you to question the next step forward. Mastertine is about to uncover the true secret of the establishment, whilst consistently preventing a breakout from some of the worlds most notorious criminals including the shapeshifting Mister Twister, luck manipulating Russian Roulette, sentient tree Davine and the incredible crocodile-man, Crocitis.

After the absolute annihilation that was ‘Suicide Squad’, the thought of maximum-security prisons and supervillains gave me PTSD, but Mitchell Hall and Andrew de Zilva’s creation aptly answers the question of what that production company could have done differently. Carefully creating each persona so that they aren’t quickly brushed over and developing a storyline that keeps you concerned yet invested, the duo have managed to create a world hidden from plain sight.

More of a cinematic approach to the story, the illustrations are reminiscent of earlier conceptions of the Mortal Kombat games, whether on purpose or not, it’s a beautiful homage.

‘Above The Grave’ is a creation that deserves to be added to your reading list, with each installation of the series available for a low price of $2.99.

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