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Artist Spotlight: VLAD

While Nic Van Varenberg was traveling Australia with his Father he kindly took some time from his trip to sit down with Kapow and discuss his art career with us.

How are you finding Australia?

I very much like Australia, this is my first time and so far I went to Sydney and Melbourne. They're both fantastic with a lot to do, and I have to say the art culture in Melbourne is amazing.

How long have you been an artist for?

I’ve been painting for 2 years now, but have always done graffiti growing up, but would never vandalize property.

What were your influences growing up?

I love cartoons more than anything, and as I got older I respected the older cartoons from 1920-30’s where everything is hand drawn, And cartoons had no limits or rules at that time.

Were you into comic books? Yes I do enjoy comic books, I liked superhero ones growing up especially Batman, and my father also showed me some Tin Tin comics which are also amazing

What would you say your style is?

I would say my style is Graffiti/Acrylic.

What materials do you use in your pieces?

Being a comic lover and also growing up playing many different instruments I like to incorporate multi media into canvases such as sheets of music, comic books pages etc.

What is the art scene like in LA?

The art scene in La is very nice but there are also a lot of artist there as well so it can be competitive at times.

What was it like having your work shown in Hong Kong?

It was an honor to show and sell my work in Hongkong, the gallery was held at Le Meridien hotel and Cyberport, and I have another gallery coming up in Hk in October.

What was it like having your work shown in your fathers native country of Belgium?

It was also amazing to show my work in Belgium my grandparents were even able to come because I had the exposition right on the beach in Knokke-Heist near where they live. It was awesome!

What other countries would you like to showcase your work in?

I would very much like to arrange something here in Australia, I’m also hoping one day to show my art in art basil in Miami as well as in New York. Pretty much anywhere I haven’t shown my stuff yet.

Whats next for you?

I also run a distribution company in South America where we sell Havana Sun, a new sunscreen and tanning line hitting stores very soon. This product is a new design from the makers of Hawaiian Tropic, other than that I will continue to put out great art work as well as some sculptures this year!!

Where can we find more of your work?

You can find me at Instagram, Facebook @VLADVANDAMME

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