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Alterna Comics pulls their books from Diamond.

After news that Diamond may not have their comics back into stores till August, Alterna Comics have decided to cease operations with Diamond and look into other ways to distribute their books.

Below is a quote from their Facebook page:

"BREAKING: Due to news from Diamond that the potential earliest release date for new product will be in August, we have cancelled all of our solicits with them.

Product that has not yet been released, will not be released through Diamond. Future solicits will also not be sent into Diamond for their PREVIEWS catalog.

We will be moving forward with selling direct to readers AND retailers for the foreseeable future via

This will be the only way for readers and retailers to get new comics from us for the immediate, and perhaps indefinite, future."

Will this be the first of many comic publishers to pull out of Diamond and look to distribute their books in other ways?

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