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Comic Artist draws free tattoo designs with a catch.

If you've been following the movements of local comic creators, you'll see that they have taken this opportunity to unleash their creativity through a variety of art challenges. After impressing his social feeds with 'The Lazy Kids Colouring Book' - featuring an epic display of illustrations suited to unbothered youth - Dean Rankine returns on a new level.

This Simpsons comic artist is drawing free shi**y tattoo designs and he's taking requests!

But if he draws it then you have to get it tattooed onto your body - it's house rules we're afraid.

The COVID-19 shut down is affecting everyone the world over. Thousands of businesses have had to close their doors to reduce the spread. One of those sectors is Tattoo Studios.

In an attempt to support his tattoo artist friends, comic book artist Dean Rankine (The Simpsons, Rick and Morty, Invader Zim) is doing free shi**ty tattoo designs to encourage people to get inked once the shut down is over.

"The tattoo industry is taking a real hit and I wanted to try to do something to help,"

"For a limited time, I thought I'd do free tattoo designs. But they're shi**y! And the rules are if someone makes a suggestion, and I draw it, then they have to get it inked onto their skin after the shutdown."

"I've had a bunch of people take up the offer," Dean said.

Let's face the facts here, this lockdown could last a while longer, so why not have some fun with it! It's important that we keep supporting local artists and all the incredible work they present (even if it means it's tattoed on our body FOREVER).


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