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A look at "The Phantom Never Dies" a new podcast from Nova Entertainment

Author Maria Lewis to host new podcast exploring the untold story of the world’s very first superhero "The Phantom"

The Phantom Never Dies explores the untold story of the world’s very first superhero. Over six episodes Maria will take audiences on a deep dive into the sadly forgotten comic book superhero, from his origins as the archetype ‘white saviour’ to a character that came to represent duty, morality and all that was good in humankind.

The podcast will showcase a number of interviews with legends of The Phantom that will have comic book fans on the edge of their seat. Maria speaks to the creator’s daughter Valerie Falk, the original illustrator Sy Barry and The Phantom director Simon Wincer. The podcast also features interviews with a number of Australian actors who have played Marvel and DC superheroes and Hollywood designers who were inspired by The Phantom when working on the history-making superhero blockbusters Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Loki and Birds of Prey.

Maria Lewis is an Australian best-selling author, screenwriter and journalist. Nominated for two Rocky Wood Non-Fiction Australian Shadows awards for her pop culture writing in 2018 and 2020, Lewis is a former writer, segment producer and guest presenter on SBS Viceland’s nightly news program The Feed and hosted the after-show Cleverfan on ABC.


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