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Australian Speedrun Marathon Kicks Off July 16th, Supporting Game On Cancer®

Join some of the World’s best speedrunners for Australia’s largest speedrunning event

The Australian Speedrun Marathon (ASM2024), Australia’s largest and longest-running speedrunning event, is kicking off on Tuesday 16th July and will run through to Sunday 21st July. The flagship 5-day annual marathon of the AusSpeedruns community will be fundraising for Game On Cancer®.

Featuring some of the speedrunning community’s favourite games like Mario Kart 64, Futurama, Undertale, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and The Simpsons: Hit & Run - ASM2024 will once again be held at the Adelaide Rockford (164 Hindley St, Adelaide) and tickets can be purchased either on the AusSpeedruns website or at the door for $30 with proceeds going to Game On Cancer®.

Game On Cancer® is an initiative of Cure Cancer, an Australia-based charity dedicated entirely to funding early career cancer researchers and to date has provided over 560 research grants to young scientists with ground-breaking innovative ideas, many of whom have gone on to become leaders in cancer research globally.

Stephen Philp from AusSpeedruns said “AusSpeedruns is proud to present the Australian Speedrunning Marathon 2024 - our tenth annual event and the biggest celebration of the Australian speedrunning community to date. We are very proud to be raising funds for Game On Cancer®️ to help make this the last generation to die from cancer. We are thankful for the

assistance from MSI this event, and the ways in which their support has helped to make this event possible.”

Adam Renardson, Head of Gaming & Streaming at Cure Cancer, said, “We are absolutely delighted to be working with the AusSpeedruns team, once again, for another Australian Speedrun Marathon. Last year at ASM2023 the incredible AusSpeedruns community raised more than $35,000, and to date the team have raised more than $100,000 to support life-saving cancer research across a number of different events.”

The full schedule for ASM2024 as well as details of the talent involved can be found on the AusSpeedruns website and the event can be viewed live on the AusSpeedruns Twitch channel.

Donations to the fundraiser can be made on the ASM2023 Tiltify fundraising page.

Viewers can show their support for Game On Cancer® by following on Twitter, joining the community on Discord, and finally, and most importantly, tuning into the event and donating.


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