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Go Home Annie : An SCP Game Demo Out Now on Steam

A Twisted First Person Horror Adventure

Independent game development studio Misfit Village will be launching the demo version of Go Home Annie: An SCP Game on Steam on September 22. Their newly released trailer shows a glimpse of the various puzzles, scares and driving gameplay we'll see in the full game.

In Go Home Annie: An SCP Game, you take on the role of Annie, a low level employee of the SCP Foundation who is testing artificially developed paranormal events.

Solve puzzles, converse with anomalous entities, and explore multiple paths to untangle the secrets behind the Replication Division.


  • A Weird First Person Horror Experience.

  • Twisted gameplay mechanics: utilise existing and original anomalies to solve puzzles and navigate levels.

  • Explore the facility: every level is a sandbox with multiple paths, secrets and choices that shape the outcome of your story.

  • Take the wheel: cutscenes don't take you from place to place. You will need to drive through the foggy landscape beyond the facility in order to reach your ultimate goal.

  • Our take on the SCP Universe: if you're familiar with the stories of the SCP Foundation, you might find we've made surprising changes to them. Besides the most popular ones, you will meet and interact with many hidden gems of the SCP Foundation Wiki.


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