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HAAK Now on Steam

Global publisher Lightning Games in collaboration with Indie studio Blingame are proud to

reveal that their post-apocalyptic retro metroidvania HAAK is coming to Steam Early Access

today. There will be a discount of 15% off for the first week from release date.

HAAK is a Metroidvania-inspired action-platformer, allowing you to explore the apocalyptic

wasteland. During the process of exploration, you need to develop your skills, fight with the

mysterious organization entrenched in this world, solve various mysteries, and embrace the

world's ultimate secret.

In terms of art style, HAAK uses old school graphics and dark tones to present a desolate

scene of ruins, which is in line with its background of the apocalyptic wasteland, aiming to

bring players into the future of the eschatological world to experience that sense of


The main weapon in HAAK is the multifunction Energy Hook that can be used for attacking

and interacting with the environment, which combines with character-specific hacking skills to

create all kinds of gameplay possibilities for a totally unique gaming experience.

HAAK's unique visual aesthetic and ambient lighting, SFX and soundtrack work together to

create hyper-immersive environments, from somber rainscapes to futuristic cities and creepy

underground installations that will transport you into another world.

HAAK sets plenty of hidden side quests, foreshadowing and stingers. Through continuous

exploration in the game, you could get much information about the background story and

characters, and interpret the deeper content through them, so that each game experience is

fresh and not repeated. You ready to take it to 100% completion?

HAAK’s Early Access release will contain the game’s first three chapters, full of unique

bosses, optional challenges, and immersive storytelling sequences. The full game will contain

all chapters, more upgrades, and deeper gameplay options. This Early Access release will be

used to gather feedback from the community, ensuring that when the full game launches in

2021 it will be in optimal condition. Those who buy HAAK in Early Access will receive it at a

discounted price.

“We’re really excited for people to be able to play the Early Access build of HAAK,” said

Derek Huang, CEO of Bligame. “We’re really proud of all we’ve achieved with it, but since it’s

such a deep game with so much content, we want to be sure that it’s properly balanced and

bug-free before we release the final build. For that reason, we’re relying on the community for



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