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Nine Witches is arriving on Dec 4th!

Nine Witches: Family Disruption is a comedic alternate-history occult adventure game developed by Indiesruption, and published by Blowfish Studios. As World War II nears its climax, air raids and artillery shells are the least of Sundäe’s concerns. The remote Norwegian village, home to the delicious three-testicled salmon, has caught the interest of the Third Reich’s Okkulte-55 Division, who are keen to exploit this supernatural hotspot and turn the tide of battle in Germany’s favor. Enter two unlikely heroes: Professor Alexei Krakovitz, a Russian paranormal scholar, and his trusty

assistant, Akiro Kagasawa, who must save the day before the Nazis literally raise Hell.


  • Truly and unique original story - Visit Sundäe, a Nazi oppressed village on the northwest coast of Norway.

  • Pixel art - Retro-pixel style artwork.

  • Meet a quirky cast of characters - Join professor Alexi Krakovitz and his loyal Japanese assistant, Akiro Kagasawa, in their heroic crusade against the Nazis.

  • Fun gameplay - Single player, dual character action-adventure with puzzle-solving elements. And you get to talk with the dead!

Nine Witches is arriving to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, GOG and Steam for PC (wishlist!) on December 4th, 2020! Beep Company and DMM Games will release Nine Witches for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in Japan this winter.


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