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Side FXhibition

‘SideFX’ is the new group exhibition at aMBUSH Gallery Sydney that puts the names in lights of 30 practical effects artists working in Australia’s entertainment industry.

Creating amazing effects and credible illusions for film, TV, theatre, concerts, and live events, they include designers, sculptors, painters, mould makers, fabricators, technicians and craftspeople.

‘SideFX’ gives these behind-the-scenes artists the opportunity to display their talents in a fine art gallery setting, where their work can be viewed and appreciated up close and personal rather than for a fleeting moment on-screen or in a theatre.

‘SideFX’ will include a diverse and eclectic mix of two and three-dimensional pieces, drawing from disciplines including mechanics, makeup, model making, and puppetry. While some of the art has been made for a past production, there will also be a focus on the work they do “on the side” – in their own time, when they are free from the constraints and limitations of a specific production – and will include sculpture, paintings, drawings, scale models, props, masks, casts, kinetic and animatronic works of art.

Curated by Steve Katz, and produced and presented by aMBUSH Gallery, ‘SideFX’ features the intriguing creations of these artists whose imagination and efforts are unrestrained in the gallery environment.

Opening night for ‘SideFX’ is Thursday 22 September from 6-9pm at aMBUSH Gallery, with drinks from Capital Brewing Co. ‘SideFX’ will then be on show daily, 12noon until 4pm, from Friday 23 September until Sunday 25 September. Entry is free. Follow aMBUSH Gallery on Facebook and Instagram for exhibition updates.

Adam Johansen, Aron Dosiak, Assaf Carmeli, Celia Curtis, Chad Atkinson, Colin Ware, Damian Martin, Dan Mackenzi, Dane Hallett, Gabrielle Paanenan, Gavin Kyle, Georgina Ryland, Grant Biffin, Gustavo Balboa, Jac Charlton, Kala Harrison, Katrina Lynch, Katyani, Kim Strudwick, Lucas Guillemin, Luke Brown, Marea Fowler, Micheala Macrae, Nathan Larson, Ramie Moussa , Rosanna Wells, Saara March, Sludgemachine, Steve Howarth and Steve Katz


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