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Tait Fletcher on Stunts, Star Wars and the Wonderful World of Comic Conventions

Though Tait Fletcher’s acting career got off to a slow start with small parts in movies like 21 Grams

and The Hostage, things really started to ramp up when he secured a recurring role in Breaking Bad.

Since then, he has appeared in well-known films such as The Magnificent Seven, John Wick, and

Jurassic Park.

Tait is noted for his gritty, genuine performances and his ability to bring difficult characters to life in

the film. In addition to his job as an actor, Tait is also a highly regarded stuntman who has worked

on some of the most well-known films of the previous ten years. He is one of the most sought-after

actors in Hollywood right now thanks to his remarkable resume and commitment to his trade.

Appearing in the first season of The Mandalorian as the Alpha Trawler, Fletcher also brought to life

the character of Paz Vizsla in the third season in partnership with Jon Favreau.

First and foremost, what went through your mind when you got the callup for Star


It was actually a surprise to me. It was like any audition I had ever done but I found out that I got the

role of Alpha Trawler very quickly… I just didn’t know that it was Lucasfilm. That came later,

probably a couple of weeks, when production called and said, ‘Favreau saw your audition and wants

you for this other part as well…’ at which point we began building the Paz Vizsla armor at Legacy

Effects, and little by little more info came to light. It was an exhilarating process.

Working with Jon Favreau was like being in a master class. To get the opportunity to work with a

director/creator/writer/producer all in one is a unique and uncommon experience. Super special.

Entering that universe is something that so many can only dream of... did you grow up

as a fan? If so, what were your earliest (or most favored) memories of the franchise?

I remember standing outside the Red Brick Theatre with my dad as a little boy. It took my

imagination to a new level. It coupled with the mythologies and spiritual books (things about Lao

Tzu/Musashi/Confucious) and Little Yoda wove it all together in a digestible language. It became a

guidepost, in a way. The early movies arced and informed a generation.

You have now been immortalized in action figure form - are you a collector of anything

in particular AND do you now have an expanding collection of Tait Fletcher-related


I love the artwork most of all. The paintings/drawings/sculptures etc from fans are what I collect.

The fans are the finest artists that I didn’t know existed until this world of conventions opened up,

and I’m always marveling at the excellence that abounds.

How did you get into stunt work?

I was a professional MMA athlete before stunt work and carried that excellence and discipline into

film, which then transitioned into these fantastic acting roles that necessitated both quality

movements and acting combined…

Can you give me an insight into your workout routine? Is there anything in particular

that you train in order to perform better?

I try to be an all-around excellent athlete with an emphasis on function, performance and aesthetics.

Some jobs I’ll train specifically for, depending on what the role entails. Consistency and discipline are

the primary guideposts of success though… just like life.

You have an impressive portfolio that spans a selection of well-known productions.

Beyond Star Wars, is there anything in particular that is quoted or referenced to you

most at these conventions?

John Wick, Equalizer, Jumanji…it’s such an extensive action list that one flows into the

other…Breaking Bad, of course. Outside of film, folks love my fight career. They ask about Rogan,

often, and a fight story he tells that happened while bodyguarding for him.

You’ve appeared in Australia for Oz Comic-Con in the past - how does the Australian

convention scene compare to the rest of the world?

The cons, regardless of where I go, are the most inclusive and supportive places I’ve ever been. The

kindness and helpfulness is second to none. It’s a beautiful experience and culture to be a small part

of. A privilege, really.

What are you most looking forward to for Oz Comic-Con Perth this May?

Ya know…the ocean and sailing culture is on my list. Just to be able to travel and meet folks from so

far away makes the world a little more beautiful and accessible… I’m honored to come.

Tait Fletcher will be appearing at Oz Comic-Con Perth on May 11th and 12th, meeting fans and

participating in a range of panels alongside photo and autograph opportunities.


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