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Eisner Award winning writer Skottie Young will bring Gert fans an all-new, five issue anthology of new Fairyland tales in the upcoming, The Unbelievable, Unfortunately Mostly Unreadable & Nearly Unpublishable Untold Tales of I Hate Fairyland. This verbosely titled miniseries will be written and drawn by a stellar lineup of contributing creators including local legend Dean Rankine and lands on shelves this July from Image Comics.

In this first issue, Young reunites with Bully Wars co-creator Aaron Conley to pit Gert against an uncouth barbarian in “Bruud the Brutal.” And in “Don’t Trust the P.I.G. in Apartment 23,” by Dean Rankine (Simpsons Comics, Invader Zim), Gert finds herself at the wrong end of a classic fairy tale.

“The only thing better than trying to create one of the longest titles in Comics," said Young. "Is inviting friends like Dean Rankine, Aaron Conley, and others, to come and cause some trouble with Gert in the crazy world that is Fairyland!”

When I saw Dean's name on the press release from Image Comics I had to drop him a line to talk about his involvement with

'I Hate Fairyland' over the years.

Kapow: How many years have you worked on "I Hate Fairyland" now?

Dean: Around about 2017 Skottie approached me about doing a pin-up for one of the issues. I'm a big fan of his work.

So, I jumped at the chance. And not long after that he asked me if I was interested in drawing one of the issues. Again, after more jumping - I drew issue #13. Which is a flashback story about Larry the fly's life and what would've happened if he hadn't met Gert. I had a blast working on it. So, when Skottie approached me about doing some stories for the 'Untold Tales' mini-series back in 2021. you guessed it ...jumping!

What do you like about working on this series?

I just love the concept! Years ago I did a creator owned series called, 'Itty Bitty Bunnies in Rainbow Pixie Candyland'. Which in some aspects is quite similar - basically cute, fantasy characters doing adult stuff. And for some reason I find that idea really amusing.

What is particularly special about this new mini series?

I was just really happy to be back in that world again to be honest. The added bonus was that I both wrote and drew my stories. So, that's always lots of fun.

Will you be you featured in each issue?

I've got stories in issues #1- #3 of 5. And I have to say each story gets more and more ridiculous!

So, please pre-order all 5 issues. I've seen the stories by the other creators. And you will not be disappointed!

Is Scottie Young a work horse or does he let you have quite a bit of free rein?

Scottie's actually amazing! I started working on Fairyland just after stints on Oggy and the Cockroaches and an Archie Comics graphic novel. Both of which I had to ape other people's styles. And it was so refreshing to, not only, be able to work in my own style but to be really encouraged to do so. It was something I really needed at the time. And Skottie very much gave me free rein. He wasn't precious about his characters at all. Which was incredible I reckon.

Should people pre-order from their local comic shop? YES! Oh, God, YES! Pre-orders are just so important. If you haven't done it before it's super easy. Just give the comic shop a call and they'll get it in for you.

Any final thoughts? I hope people dig my stories as much as I do. It's work that I'm particularly proud of.

The Unbelievable, Unfortunately Mostly Unreadable & Nearly Unpublishable Untold Tales of I Hate Fairyland

(Diamond Code MAY230044) will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, July 5.

The Unbelievable, Unfortunately Mostly Unreadable & Nearly Unpublishable Untold Tales of I Hate Fairyland will also be available across many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play.


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