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What's New! From COCKATOO?

Upcoming events, new new books, new old books!

Hello friends! 

A particular hello to new friends who have signed up after we met at Festival of the Photocopier in Melbourne. I’m so glad I finally made it to FOTP, what a great day! Next year I’ll aim for both days I think. 


Love buying comics in real life? Here’s where I’m popping up next:


  • 1st March - Design Alive, Bankstown Arts Centre, 5pm - 10pm

  • 9th March - Blue Mountains Zine Fair, Cultural Center Katoomba, 10am - 3pm

  • 11th May - ComicGong, Wollongong - Details TBD


At the moment I don’t have any Glebe Markets dates in the book, because the market is up for tender right now. Once we know the future of the market for certain I very much hope to be back.

New books



I think Queenie Chan’s THE DREAMING is one of the first comics I ever bought for myself. I remember seeing it at Supanova in about 2015, and it was the only book in the artist's alley that looked like the kinds of comics I was reading then. A gothic horror set in the Australian bush? 14 year old Siobhan couldn’t get enough! 



Nothing gets the nostalgia pumping quite like the adventures of Asterix and Obelix. This softcover omnibus edition collects the first three Asterix stories - Asterix the Gaul, Asterix and the Golden Sickle, and Asterix and the Goths. The perfect comic for kids aged 8-10, but my 6 and 4 year olds absolutely love them too.


Nate Powell is best known for his series MARCH, created with American Civil Rights leader and politician John Lewis. Fall Through is his latest release, a full length fiction graphic novel set in the world of punk music. 


“At first glance, Diamond Mine seems to have emerged in 1979 as Arkansas’ first punk band. Instead, this quartet is revealed to be interdimensional travelers from 1994, guided—largely against their will—by vocalist Diana’s powerful spell embedded into their song “Fall Through.””



Lush historical fiction chock full of bloody details? Yes please and thank you! 

“Born into a family of executioners, Charles-Henri Sanson must take up his father’s mantle as the Royal Executioner of Paris. Conflicted between his desire to honor the family name and rebelling against the longstanding practice, he chooses to follow tradition, but vows to be the last executioner—the last Sanson to spill blood in the name of justice.”



“After being stranded in a forgotten military outpost, grumpy Dobrinia sets out on a quest to marry a princess. But in the vast Tzardom of Glas, where magic has been outlawed, troubled histories can catch up with even a flying ship.


The Flying Ship by Jem Milton makes its first foray into print comics! Their fan-favorite story, originally released digitally, is part of the new collaboration between Dark Horse and Tapas.


Queer adventure, humor, and heartfelt friendships star in this fantastical comics tale that truly feels like it’s for everyone.”


“Felix is a shy little beast growing up in a world where monster wrestling is the biggest spectacle there is. Lonely, and constantly bullied by the bigger monsters his age, Felix struggles to prove themselves and find their place in the world. Their fate is changed forever when a dare lands them on the doorstep of one of the scariest monsters in the whole world— Macabber Tails, one of the most famous monstering champions in history.


Felix wants to be big and brave and strong and tough, just like Macabber, and so they decide to do whatever it takes to not be a fraidy little monster anymore. Their unlikely journey together sends them to Macabber's hometown, to the mountains of the colossal flame-wielding Kilnver—a monster able to make an army of knights out of just its own saliva—and to the lair of the dastardly Amaret, the monster that made Macabber the champion they are today.”

New second hand


Tons of great second hand books on the site right now, like:


A history of underground publisher Kitchen Sink Press


The first volume of the contemporary anthropomorphic noir classic Blacksad!


The complete Alan Moore Future Shocks - possibly my favourite ever Alan Moore comics, just great British sci-fi, always with a little of social commentary and humour! 


The complete collection of iconic 2000’s sad boy romance comic Love The Way You Love by Marc Ellerby and Jamie Rich!


The experimental art/literary comic UNCERTAIN MANIFESTO by Frédéric Pajak!


More experimental art comics and illustration from Sara Fanelli in her book Sometimes I Think, Sometimes I Am

Some Calvin & Hobbes collections in great condition! These are quite hard to come by at the moment, which is a shame, because they’re some of the greatest strip comics ever. Charles Schultz said that Bill Watterson is one of those people who can just draw funny, an unteachable skill. Enjoy the laffs and the pathos!


And tons more! Go and have a browse, ok?

Love you, bye!

  • Siobhan


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