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Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic – Content Update

Independent games development studio 3DIVISION releases Content Update #7 for Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic, the real-time soviet-themed city builder tycoon set in an imaginary communist country in Eastern Europe, on Steam today.

The new update of Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic introduces helicopters that work with construction offices, hospitals, and fire stations. Operate the helicopters to help extinguish fires even without workers, serve as transportation at hospitals, and assist with construction at unreachable construction sites.

In addition, the new upgrade of Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic now supports underground infrastructure using a special mode that allows you see what happens underground.

Another update that was added was the rain and the dynamic sun when starting a new game or changing the settings for an existing game. This offers a different ambiance allowing you to see Your Republics in a different light and weather.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic was released in Early Access back in March 2019 becoming one of the recent best selling hits on Steam. The game will remain like that for quite a while until the final version is released.


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